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Mar 31, 2021 | College Admissions, College Applications, Uncategorized

College Search and Application Organization Just Got Easier

When asked if I like technology I generally have one clear answer, “Yes, if it’s going to improve my life.” If it’s going to add stress, or more To Do’s, or waste time, I’m not a big fan.  That being said, this month saw the arrival of Spring, and of a new technology platform I’m going to call, “The Big Help”  as a working title.
The Big Help is joining Jo Leonard & Co. on April 5th and will usher in a new way of researching, matching and applying to colleges, as well as organizing and tracking applications like never before.
I have spent the last 18 years counseling high school students on how to find good college matches and put their best foot forward in the application process, I’m thrilled to have finally found a more efficient way to help them organize and manage the process while also addressing the personal complexities of each individual student.

A few exciting new features of our already awesome college admissions services:

  1. Parents are an important piece of the college match and application process and are often out of the loop when the student doesn’t keep them in it! Progress Summaries will now be delivered regularly to their inbox, and a Parent Portal is available in case they want to be fully in the loop. And we now offer total GoogleDrive integration if desired.
  2. Plan and shape a student’s candidacy with up to the minute quantitative and qualitative admissions probability data.
  3. Immediate notification of changes in SAT/ACT testing requirements, Early Decision and Early Action deadlines made by colleges.
  4. Access to one click, virtual tours and campus impressions, including College Summaries with eye-candy charts.
  5. Stand-alone college list building services for those who don’t need it all.

It’s been a rough year in the college admissions world. I watched Varsity Blues the other day and went to bed feeling really, really, really bad about bad decisions made by folks without scruples and a very warped sense of right and wrong. And it seemed to me that the ones who suffered were their kids, who didn’t have an opportunity to prove themselves, or make autonomous decisions about their own lives.

But now it’s Spring and we’re headed out of the gloom.

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