College Admissions Counseling is only worth the investment, if it does more than help your child get into college.

While some college admissions counselors claim that they’re getting your child into the “college that’s right for them”, we offer so much more.

At an average of $150K for 4 years, we think it’s critical a student knows why they are going to college, how they can have a fun and productive experience, and know enough about themselves to guide their decisions on majors and careers once they get there. This is how Jo Leonard & Co. is different.

We know how the college admissions process works and how to position your student to find and get into the colleges identified as targets. But we also know how to uncover potential majors of interest, how those majors translate into careers and how to engage in a college to find purpose, direction and practical experiences to maximize the return on investment and make the experience truly worthwhile.

Here’s what we do:

  • Initial consultation to ask and answer many, many questions.
  • Development of extensive and interactive college list with safe, target, selective, highly selective schools included.
  • Concierge college application assistance from Start to Submit and help making decisions.
  • Creative, authentic, strategic essays and short prompts.
  • College Internship Coaching (add-on)
  • No stone left unturned.
  • We mined great, free resources for you!


Now offering Standalone Lists for those who don’t need the entire College Planning Services we offer.

We have 15 years of experience working closely with teens as they navigate the college planning and application process.

Top 5 higher education trends over 15 years

  • According to Bloomberg, college tuition and fees have increased 720% since 1993.
  • We have seen the evolution of the Liberal Arts movement as well as the unveiling of the Gap Year and the benefits of a Co-Operative education.
  • Students are taking an average of 5.2 years to graduate.
  • If motivated however, students can attain a Master’s degree in five years.
  • Interdisciplinary and self-designed degrees have evolved and flourished over the past 10 years, adding even more choices for students.

Top 5 insights from client parents

  • “We spent $200K on our kid’s college and he graduated without direction and without a job. I’m upset that his career guidance wasn’t more robust. I used to think it was ok to spend 4 years trying to figure it out, but now I think we should have started the career conversation earlier so he could have eliminated some of those $10K classes!”
  • “We spent 3 months working on his college application project, but we spent 5 months researching a new car. College was a lot more expensive than the car, so we should have started earlier and made him focus more on visiting and researching schools!”
  • “Finding a great internship in Junior or Senior year becomes almost as important as going to class and it clearly wasn’t a priority for him or his professors and mentors.”
  • “She came out of college with no idea how to fill out a loan application, a lease agreement, an employment contract or manage a budget. Maybe we should have taught them these skills earlier, but I had hoped college would pick up where we left off.”
  • “Studying abroad is fine, but I would have preferred him to have found a part-time job while wandering around the Outback and scuba-diving in the Mediterranean!”

Top 10 college admissions trends over 15 years

  • The bubble has burst to a great extent, which means that the college admission’s process is not as competitive as it was from 2010 – 2016.
  • Technology in the form of Naviance, CollegeBoard, CommonApp, and the Universal College Application have put incredible resources in the hands of students and parents.
  • SAT now has strong competition in the form of ACT which is adding a layer of complexity in evaluating student performance.
  • AP courses are now more available than ever, raising the level of academic achievement.
  • Colleges are now more interested in ‘angular’ students than ‘well-rounded’ students. (Thank goodness!)
  • Expensive summer tours and programs are now not as attractive to admission’s professionals as a demonstration of a student’s maturity, effort and sense of adventure.
  • College essays have evolved from dull and predictable, to creative, evocative and compelling.
  • Virtual lockers, portals and other e-portfolio platforms are now accepted for more than just art students.
  • Colleges are looking for students with some kind of career/major direction, and ask applicants to demonstrate that interest in personal statements, short answer essays and resume activities.
  • Parents are more savvy ‘buyers’ than 10 years ago, so colleges have ramped up their marketing efforts accordingly.

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