What should I be doing if I lost my internship due to Coronavirus?

Mar 24, 2020

Sorry to hear that. Disappearing Plans seem to be everywhere. Weddings. Graduations. 80th birthday parties. Baby Showers. Retirement Parties. All gone.

But rather than sitting around feeling gloom and doom, may I suggest doing the following 3 things to get you back on track and feeling a whole lot better?

Make sure you have all the names and contact information for the folks you were planning on working with, including the HR hiring manager, your boss (or proposed boss), and anyone else on the team you were introduced to during the hiring process.

  1. Send them an email. Tell them thank you again for the opportunity, that you are disappointed of course, but that you are hopefully for the opportunity when things calm down. Ask them if there is anything you can do for them during this difficult period.  Tell them you have strong social media skills, are a good writer, would be willing to help them write articles, post content, do research, etc.
  2. Connect with them on Linkedin if you haven’t already.
  3. Continue to build your brand by posting useful articles on your proposed industry/career of choice. But don’t just post them, make professional, well considered comments.
  4. Start looking for a new internship and if that involves updating your LI profile, or resume, or cover letters, get on that right away.
  5. Create a video profile for yourself, in case you get asked for an interview video. We’ll cover that one next time, but email me if you want some tips on how to do that.
  6. Learn how to use Zoom and perform professionally via video chat. 

There is no reason you should be sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. You have a huge amount of time right now to be laying the foundation for a successful internship and job search when the market opens up again. 

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