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How can I give my child job search and career advice because they don’t want to listen to me?

Many college graduates these days feel a bit lost.  They are thrilled to be done with school but unsure about next steps.  When your child is conducting a job search it is important that as parents, you provide the right guidance in the right way, without overstepping and creating stress.  I like to suggest to parents that they take off their parent hat and put on their professional mentoring hat. If you have any hope of getting them to see you as anything but a meddling parent, they have to see you in a professional setting. 

Suggest they come and meet with you at your office, dressed professionally and with a pad and paper.  Discuss their financial and lifestyle goals, their proposed timeline for moving out and being self-sufficient and have the conversation about financial support until they are able to go it alone. Keep the conversation serious but not authoritarian. Try to talk to them as if they were an employee. If you practice this enough, you may find that something shifts and they begin to take you more seriously! If not, ask us to help. We have mediated many of these difficult conversations and the results have been fantastic. You have so much wisdom, but until they see you through a different lens, it can get lost in a sea of stubbornness and pride.

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