COVID-19 is Increasing Test Optional Schools. Is this Good or Bad for My Student?

Mar 27, 2020

Michael Nietzel writes on education for Forbes. He recently talked about how schools are once again reconsidering test optional strategies, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Here are his thoughts: Within the past two weeks, more than ten institutions have announced they have elected to go to test-optional admissions. In most cases, the decision applies to the 2021 entering class, but at some schools, the change affects students still applying for this fall semester.  The pandemic has fueled the movement once again, apparently nudging a number of institutions that had been debating a move to test-optional admissions to finalize that decision sooner rather than later.

Here is a list of the institutions (and their announcements) indicating they are converting to test-optional admissions due to the pandemic. Tufts University Drury University University of Toledo Case Western Reserve University Mansfield University (PA; applies for fall 2020) Millersville University (PA; applies for fall 2020) Westminster College (PA) (waiving scores for fall 2020) Limestone University (SC; applies for fall 2020) Concordia University (Texas; applies for fall 2020 and 2021) MIT will no longer require SAT subjects tests as part of its admissions process University rationales for test-optional decisions generally took the form of attempting to provide students greater flexibility during the multiple uncertainties caused by the pandemic. But college administrators also surely hoped their decisions would bolster applicant pools in the face of student and family fears about the pandemic.

Jo’s Advice

Find a company online that offers high quality diagnostic testing opportunities. You can find our two favorites below. Often they are free. Give your student a glass of water, a banana, a fried egg and the promise of ice cream later, and make them sit down and take the test. Once you have received the diagnostic, set up a free consultation with us and we can talk through the options, i.e. is it a good idea to investment in SAT/ACT prep, or does it make sense for your student to focus on Test Optional Schools and focus on other elements of the college application.  There is always a good answer. You just need to find it. We will always blend data and logic with empathy and common sense!

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