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LinkedIn: Love it or leave it?

As an early adopter (I say this not with pride but simply to reinforce my tech-cred) I have seen LinkedIn morph from a fairy fly to a fully-grown titan beetle, which is the largest insect on the planet for the non-entomologists among you.  The world’s second largest...

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Organizing the College Application Process

Applying to colleges can be a really stressful time for high school seniors and with all the pressure on kids today, the anxiety about college decisions can start even sooner. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Most of the stress and anxiety of the college...

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Talking to Your Child About Paying for College

Talking to Your Child about Funding College We encourage financial literacy in young adults and there’s no better time to talk about money than at the beginning of the college application process. It will be one of the biggest investments you and they will make, and...

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Which Colleges Should I Apply To?

  Which schools should I apply to? How many schools should I apply to? What schools can I get into? If you’re a high school sophomore or junior, these questions may be swirling around your head right now.  But the stress and pressure of the college application...

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