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  • FREE Résumé and Interview Prep!

      Want to use your Accounting, Financing, or Leadership degree overseas? Amped for Education is looking for a dynamic college graduate to join them in Granada as their new Financial Coordinator!  This is a fantastic opportunity to gain professional experience while creating a positive change in the world and exploring a new country. Think you

    From Planet Teen to the Real World – Part Two

    The top 9 things all high school students on “Planet Teen” need to know and do before they hit the Real World. (And yes, I see college as the Real World.) Here’s #2 Make a really great first impression. Experts suggest that within the first 10 seconds, your education level, your socio-economic background and your confidence

    From Planet Teen to Real World – An ongoing series

    Earlier this year I spent 5 fantastically energetic hours with 50 student leaders at Vestal High School in New York.  The title of the workshop was, “Personal skill building for college and career success.” That’s a big topic in only 5 hours.  They learned about professional decorum, 1st impressions, projecting a positive image in person

    Ready for the dreaded family questions this holiday?

    So, what are you going to do with that degree of yours?” Asks Auntie Jean with a truly interested look on her face.”Oh Jeez” you think. “What am I supposed to say to that?