A student with a purpose is a motivated student

May 10, 2016

Does your High School student need some career direction before college?

Justin came to us as a junior in high school with a 3.6 GPA, 30 on the ACT and excellent community and leadership experiences under his belt.  Our assessments told us he was a Persuasive Innovator, with an interest in serving underprivileged communities.  He was fairly well traveled but wanted a strong study abroad program. Here is what we did for Justin:

  • Uncovered his natural talents using investigative techniques developed over 14 years of professional experience working with Millennials.
  • Brainstormed and researched ideas for a course of study based on interests, skills, values, his sense of purpose, and personality.
  • Developed a list of schools that met his academic and personal criteria.
  • Found him an internship that resonated with his specific altruistic interests.
  • Introduced him to professionals in the community who offered informational interviews, job shadowing opportunities and personal development opportunities to build his resume.
  • Helped him with his college applications.
  • Conducted design-thinking sessions to produce outstanding essays.
  • Trained him for interviews.

Where is Justin now?

Justin is now a Junior at Elon University, thriving in the economics and international finance departments.  He has 2 internships, a series of research projects, and a personal stake in a local non-profit with which he feels highly connected.  He delivered a financial literacy workshop to a group of underprivileged youth this year, which he developed in conjunction with his mentor.  We have every confidence that he will have landed a full-time, relevant job by this time next year, and have a sneaky suspicion he will want to go on to graduate school. We will help him with that job search and/or graduate application!

If your young adult lacks motivation, it could be because he has no purpose or connection to the real world.  Call us to chat about how we can help.


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