Reshaping the lives of your millennial clients

May 20, 2016

A “Private” Trust Company family member was having a difficult time helping his 25-year old daughter launch after several false career starts. The dynamics in the family were challenging as there were multiple children and several layers of family wealth.  The expectations were high and the daughter felt tremendous pressure to be successful.

Jo Leonard has mentored, coached and trained “Julie” for more than 4 years as needed, working on career launch, transitions and professional development.  In the first few months we assessed her values, skills, interests, life purpose, struggles and successes. Julie found working with a 3rd party more eye-opening and empowering than a family member which came with emotional challenges and judgment.

As Julie began to find career paths that matched her needs and wants, Jo Leonard offered her a deep and rich network of professionals for informational meetings and general networking.  With more confidence developing after 2 months, Julie found herself self-advocating more effectively than she had ever done in the past.  Jo uncovered education gaps in her portfolio and linked her to resources to bridge those gaps.  The first coaching assignment lasted 5 months, at which point Julie had made important career and life decisions she felt strongly connected to, and which resonated with her personality and desire for independence.  She landed a fantastic position, which gave her financial self-sufficiency, professional development opportunities, and reconnected her to her parents with whom she had had a difficult relationship for many years.  In the ensuing years, Julie came back to Jo Leonard & Co. to assist her with transitions, difficult times in her career and for advice in the workplace. The relationship continues to this day.

Here is how the process works:

  1.  Advisor uncovers the client “pain” often during family meetings or update meetings with the younger (Millennial) generation.
  2. Advisor calls us to discuss if the client’s needs align with our services.
  3. Advisor makes email or phone introduction between client and Jo Leonard & Co.
  4. Jo Leonard connects with client for more details on situation.
  5. Millennial sets up an initial consultation with JL&Co. (no fee) to identify goals and current difficulties in reaching same.
  6. JL&Co. submits a coaching agreement to client with fees.
  7. Engagement begins.
  8. Advisor will be updated on progress, without details, unless permission is given.
  9. JL&Co. will support Advisor with Millennial Research & Communication Service to facilitate further development of relationship between Advisor and Millennial.

*This is a customized program with fees.

Please contact us with questions. We look forward to speaking with you.


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