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What is Career Coaching?

Imagine having a first class career services department focused only on you, providing, insight, practical ideas, contacts, resources and cheerleading, whenever you need them.


Practically, how does Career Coaching work?

You’ll meet with us individually, via Zoom, on the phone or in person. Sessions may be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, with assignments given in between meetings. We’ll set goals, work on them together as a team and have fun at the same time!

And when you are off in the professional world having landed a job or internship, we’ll still be here for you. Our clients love having someone who knows them well, in addition to a family member, to check in with, bounce ideas off, and generally share concerns and successes. You can reach out to us for an internship question, a personal issue on the job or in graduate school, or simply to receive some guidance about a new program or adventure you’re considering.

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