We understand Teens and 20-Somethings!

Being a parent or older family member of a teenager or 20-Something can be a mixed blessing. Regardless of their sex, cultural and social assets, interests, learning differences, natural proclivities, and values, they all have one thing in common: they are young and don’t have as much wisdom as us. As a parent, imparting that wisdom can be fun and rewarding, or arduous and frustrating especially when it comes to challenging transitions like college applications and career and job searches.

Having someone other than a family member guiding and advising your son or daughter, niece, nephew or grandchild, can be an incredibly freeing experience for everyone. Often it is simply a lack of communication that halts the decision-making process during transitions. The idea that, as parents, we are nagging, or lecturing, is tiring for everyone. And the idea that our young adult children are lazy, indecisive or stubborn, is frustrating and oftentimes not true. Their feelings are not being communicated clearly and parent’s responses are therefore not appropriate and certainly not embraced.

Successfully navigating transitions for young adults takes more than one person and perspective. After all, a multi-dimensional process for teaching the younger generation has been proven far more effective than the one dimensional methods used for prior generations.

College Planning and Application

The college planning and application project can be a rewarding and fun experience for a family, or it can be a time of stress for everyone involved.  Having a highly trained, passionate and expert team conducting research, holding students to deadlines and commitments, so their applications are targeted and aligned with their criteria, can be a real blessing. No “t” goes uncrossed, and no “i” is left without a dot!

Failing to Launch into Self-Sufficiency

The pressure a 20-Something feels when they are “failing to launch” is intense.  Often it is the first time they have felt failure in life and they are simply not prepared.  However, when they find their purpose, they finally feel connected and motivated.  We blend mentoring, coaching and training to build a foundation of trust upon which we can work to find and apply that purpose so that they achieve career direction and independence.

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