Our Blended Approach

We are uniquely adept at connecting the three disciplines of Mentoring, Coaching, Training, drawing from each and engineering a customized program to drive successful results.

In-person meetings are complemented by phone, e-mail, text, and virtual meeting communication throughout the process.  Technology allows us to work with clients all over the world.

Our focus is on the successful transition of young adults from one life adventure to the next.

  • Exploring Purpose to form college and career direction.
  • College Admissions and Application Consulting (including Transfer Applications)
  • “Launch to Independence”  Coaching
  • Graduate School Application Coaching
  • Job Search Coaching

Venn_diagram_490Here are some of our Client’s thoughts and goals at the start:

  • “I’m 24 and feel as if I should be further along in my career.  I’m stuck mentally and physically.”
  • “I’m under pressure to achieve so much, but I just don’t think I can live up to my parent’s expectations.”
  • “I’d like to find the best college for me and have some academic and career direction when I get there.”
  • “I have a start-up idea and I’d like to work with a creative coach to help me take it to the next stage.”
  • “I have many advisors but I want to carve out my own path and need help.”
  • “I want a career that doesn’t require a 4-year degree but that will give me independence and happiness.”
  • “I want my Graduate School application to demonstrate my passion and articulate my strengths in an authentic way.”
  • “I’m bored in my job and need to find something that offers more growth opportunities in a large city.”
  • “I’d like to find an internship that will help me build my resume but that offers more than just boring tasks.”

And here’s how we work to achieve those:

 Career Coaching

Jo Leonard heads up a team of Career Coaches that each bring something unique to the table.  Whether it’s ideation, motivation, strategic planning or simply a more broad mentor, Jo is passionate about choosing a team that will fit perfectly the needs of her clients.

The Leonard Navigation Plan covers personal & financial assessment, marketing materials development, learning today’s job search strategies, networking, mentoring, and personal presentation and professional etiquette training. In addition, we teach and use design thinking to broaden the perspective of our clients when they are stuck.

In-person meetings are complemented by phone, e-mail, text, and virtual meeting com­munication throughout the process.  Technology allows us to work with clients all over the world.

Education Coaching

  • We work as a team on all high school, undergraduate, transfer and graduate school applications.
  • We assess gifts, strengths, values and motivators.
  • We understand the stu­dent’s individual education criteria and develop well research lists.
  • We hold discussions and provide resources provided to maximize institution visits.
  • We assist with applica­tion timelines
  • We brainstorm creativity for essay writing
  • We teach personal presentation skills.
  • We provide resources for financial assistance.
  • And finally, we add value to our young adult clients by introducing them to real world professionals, events, organizations and companies to add depth to their lives and applications.

In-person meetings are complemented by phone, e-mail, text and virtual meeting com­munication, throughout the process.

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