Katie PicAs a master’s graduate of Tufts University, Katie serves as the Research Coordinator of Nexus, where she studies the science of empathy, generosity and well being in millennials and multi-generational business families. She co-authored the white paper “Born to Give” and is a co-founder of the Nexus Invest in Yourself initiative, where she promotes the purpose and well-being of individuals engaged in next-gen philanthropy and social entrepreneurship.

She has co-designed and facilitated for various initiatives, including award-winning Challenge Day, Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development, Yes! World’s North America Jam, and her most recent initiative The Social Beings Project.

Most importantly she is a Millennial and works closely with Jo Leonard to educate and inspire those who advise and serve Millennials, as well as coach and train Millennials themselves. She is a professional improv comedian who focuses on embracing humanness, inspiring connection, and filling life with compassion and action.