College Consultants – Need to improve their services

April 05, 2016

College Consultants – Need to improve their services

For the last few years the focus of College Consultants has been on “getting your kid into the best college possible.” But now with the cost of college elevated beyond reason, and the market demanding Millennials be focused, capable, and fully prepared post-graduation, the days of “hoping your kid will figure it out in college,” are over. As someone who has helped raise and launch many young adults into the world, I firmly believe that Millennials must now look to coaches and consultants for support beyond the traditional line of up of list development, resume building, essays and interview skills.

Meandering Millennials – Unsatisfactory College ROI

Over the past 14 years, the number of stressed, anxious college students and recent graduates who walk into my office has grown exponentially. Their parents (YOU) hire someone (US), because their kids are trying to choose a major or a career path to inform their internship search, or a service or research project that is relevant to their career ideas, or even a first job that gets them remotely excited. Except they have no direction, and the career services folks aren’t helping them enough. It also pains me to know that they are choosing a college because of the “expansive alumni network” but have no idea how to leverage it when the time comes. But that’s besides the point.

Some clients have graduated college with various honors, random internships, a fraternity membership, and a study abroad program, but still have no clear career direction or Identity Capital. They move back home and it doesn’t take long for their confidence and job search momentum to drop and inertia to kick in.

Early Career Ideas – Creates Purpose and Drives Motivation in High School

It is our belief that helping college applicants to figure out some basic career direction before or during the college application period is a critical and valuable exercise, especially if you want your Millennial to launch and not re-inhabit your new yoga room after they turn the college tassel!

An Example of our Process for Identifying Purpose – Before the College Admissions Process

Before even beginning to ask the college criteria questions about geography, Greek life, environment, size, major, etc., we spent a few Purpose Finding Sessions with Peter, a high school Junior. At the end of those sessions he began to see the connections between his natural math talents, his interest in biology and anatomy, and his purpose, which we uncovered to be helping veterans and children with physical disabilities. We then spent our time researching strong biomedical engineering programs, with a focus on artificial intelligence and it’s intersection with artificial limbs. We helped him connect with professors and professionals in the field, and uncovered job-shadowing experiences so he could “check-out” his ideas. Then we continued with the process of finding colleges that met his other criteria.

This intersection of purpose, talents and interests is a truly valuable outcome of our work with Millennials.

Read more about Purpose and why it is so important.

Parents: It’s time to offer your high school student the opportunity to work with a College Consultant who focuses on major and career exploration in addition to college research and application. The return on investment is fantastic!

Chief Career & Education Coach
Jo Leonard


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