Situation Analysis:
Hilary, 26, music teacher in Philadelphia. Hilary is passionate, with great communication skills, professional presentation style, independent, capable and ambitious. But she’s stuck in a job that isn’t offering enough upward mobility, and isn’t using her natural talents. Furthermore she’s well paid but doing the job of 4 people. She knows what she doesn’t want, but isn’t sure of what she does want.  Her family are supportive but also want her to be self-sufficient.

She has a lifestyle that she likes so needs to maintain her current salary with room for a lot of growth. Her personal life is close to Philadelphia so she doesn’t want to move too far away.  She works long hours and doesn’t have much time for a job search. Her resume is all about Education.

 Hilary took a Caliper Profile assessment which gave us all a very thorough and in depth view of her personality type. She had strong ego-drive and ego-strength, high abstract reasoning skills, excellent interpersonal and organizational skills. We asked her to take various other assessments to ascertain her values, motivators, interests and financial needs. As a result of these assessments, various career paths, target industries and companies were uncovered.

Networking: With a newly developed Personal Marketing Plan, we introduced Hilary to our own P.A.N, and she began meeting people to practice her pitch, and her accomplishment stories.

Marketing Materials:  Her resume, cover letters and Linkedin profile were generated and they all looked vastly different from when she walked in the door a month earlier.  Her transferrable skills were highlighted and her personality shone through.

Uncovering Opportunities:  Hilary independently, and with our assistance, found and applied for various positions.

Interview Skills:  This part was easy as she had a natural ability to connect with people and self advocate.  Tips were given on how to ask strategic questions and answer difficult questions. Dress code was discussed (including shoes!)

Hilary landed a fantastic job in the engineering consulting field, in a sales and development role.  She has recently negotiated a raise with more responsibility and is looking to start her own company (in her spare time!)