From Abby’s Dad:
My daughter graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in History and without a well-defined career goal except to do service work for two years in Americorps.

During her second year in Americorps it became clear to my daughter and to me that she knew that she did not want to pursue a career in a profession with well defined career paths such as law, medicine, engineering, accounting, or academia. But she did not know what she wanted to do for her career, much less how to find a job. With advisors and mentors at the ready, we tried to work together to help her find direction in line with her and our family’s values.

I called a friend with a long career in executive search and coaching who referred my daughter and me to Jo Leonard & Company. Jo immediately started to work with us to address these issues with a range of specific tools, methods, and software.

Finding a Career: Using a combination of assessment tools together with personal interviews and career search assignments, Jo guided my daughter to choose a career in policy research that fits her talent and personality.

Finding a Job: Having settled on a career, Jo and her team worked with my daughter to create a resume, learn to network, and find job opportunities. Jo has helped her tailor her cover letters to specific job opportunities and to develop interview skills.

Jo’s team provides professional supervision and discipline to the career and job search process. She makes available her extensive array of tools and methods, assigns specific tasks, and expects her clients to complete their work. She has worked patiently with my daughter to overcome obstacles in completing her work.

Jo’s work with me as a parent has been especially valuable. I am close to my daughter, who is intellectually talented with a somewhat reserved personality. Working through Jo I have been able to provide input to the career and job search process with a minimum of parent-child tension. Jo has always been available to me as a sounding board for my daughter’s progress and for the resolution of issues as they arise.

All of this work has produced results. My daughter is now happily living in Washington, D.C. Working for a Congressman. My daughter has a direction to her career, and has developed the tools and experience that will serve her well for a lifetime. There is no doubt that Jo’s work has had a profound impact on my daughter’s life. I would recommend Jo without hesitation to any parent or child who needs career search assistance.

—Christopher C.