Case Study: Sean

Sean, 22, had a rough time as a high school Junior, fighting to manage the stress that came along with his parent’s divorce and financial “dystopia.”  His grades fell, his mood fell and he didn’t feel confident applying to four year college, without a real academic or career direction. “It felt like a waste of time and I didn’t want to waste family money,” he told us. [more]

Case Study:  Abby

My daughter graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a degree in History and without a well-defined career goal except to do service work for two years in Americorps.

During her second year in Americorps it became clear to my daughter and to me that she knew that she did not want to pursue a career in a profession with well defined career paths such as law, medicine, engineering, accounting, or academia. But she did not know what she wanted to do for her career. [more]

Case Study: Hilary

Hilary, 26, music teacher in Philadelphia. Hilary is passionate, with great communication skills, professional presentation style, independent, capable and ambitious. But she’s stuck in a job that isn’t offering enough upward mobility, and isn’t using her natural talents. [more]

Case Study: Tristan

Tristan didn’t fit into his private high school socially or academically. He was bored and uninspired, so he chose to take a year of online high school to explore his world and broaden his perspective. He then transferred to a local magnet school which offered him a small community, an aggressive curriculum and internship opportunities. His high school transcript was a mess, but his experiences were invaluable and he knew he had a lot going for him. [more]

Case study: Violet

Violet, 26, was ‘stuck’ in a job that she believed had little upward career trajectory. She needed a more dynamic environment in NYC, with potential to earn more and build new professional muscles. She is an improv fanatic and has a charismatic and magnetic personality. In addition she has awesome digital analysis skills, specifically in the media industry. Violet didn’t know how great she was until we started working with her.[more]