From Bored to Happy in 90 Days

September 26, 2017

Situation Analysis:
Violet, 26, was ‘stuck’ in a job that she believed had little upward career trajectory. Her brain was in “atrophy” as she put it, and she needed a more dynamic environment in NYC, with potential to earn more and build new professional muscles.  She is an improv fanatic and has a charismatic and magnetic personality. In addition she has awesome digital analysis skills, specifically in the media industry. Violet didn’t know how great she was until we started working with her.

As an NYC native Violet wasn’t thrilled with the idea of moving or working out of the city. And she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do next; she was feeling rather pigeon-holed and had lost some confidence. It had been several years since she had developed a resume and presented her skills and value to a potential employer. And as is the case with many 20-Somethings, she processed, analyzed and spoke very fast without taking a breath!

 Violet took a Caliper Profile assessment which gave us all a very thorough and in depth view of her personality type. She was amazed at how accurate it was so our conversations at the beginning of her coaching process were very fruitful and productive.  It was clear she had superb abstract reasoning skills, was highly detailed and could be very compelling when presenting ideas/solutions, especially with a technical focus. In addition she could take on a lot of information quickly, assimilate it and determine next steps. She had strong ego-drive and ego-strength, and good organizational skills. We asked her to take various other assessments to ascertain her values, motivators, interests and financial needs. As a result of these assessments, various career paths, target industries and companies were uncovered with a focus on Business Development and Solutions or Consultative Sales roles. 

Networking: With a newly developed Personal Marketing Plan, we introduced Violet to our own P.A.N, and she began meeting people to practice her pitch, and her accomplishment stories. In addition she met with our Positioning Coach, Steve Pappatera who helped her articulate her value proposition with ease and a unique flair.

Marketing Materials:  Her resume, cover letters and Linkedin profile were generated and they all looked vastly different from when she walked in the door a month earlier.  Her transferrable skills were highlighted and her personality shone through.

Uncovering Opportunities:  Violet worked incredibly hard every day to juggle a demanding job and uncover opportunities through her newly developed networking contacts and large job boards. 

Interview Skills:  After many hours of preparation and practice, Violet began to feel super confident in positioning her value to fantastic tech-oriented digital marketing companies in NYC. She was impressive, confident, value-focused and took great notes which made follow up emails to employers easy and compelling – and very fruitful.  Tips were given on how to ask strategic questions and answer difficult questions. Dress ideas were texted between her coach and the black dress with black shoes and “hair up” was chosen as the way to go!

Violet landed a fantastic job in an innovative, young but established media-tech company in NYC. She is a Business Development Representative earning a great salary which came with superb benefits and a fantastic commission structure.  Congratulations Violet. We are very proud of you. 


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