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Anxious? Try Career Therapy.

Anxious? Try Career Therapy.It’s a brand new year, and that signals the opportunity for making a fresh start. Setting resolutions is supposed to be motivating, but many of my clients find that the pressure to be a better person each January does more harm than good....

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Should My Child Take the ACT or the SAT?

As a college counselor in Bucks County, PA, I help students and their families navigate the college application process. Standardized testing is one of the cornerstones of the process and I am often asked by clients, “should my child take the Act or the Sat...or even...

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Matching Values With Vocation for College Students

Matching Values With Vocation for College StudentsOne of the biggest struggles my clients face arises from a clash between their values and their expectations. This is often the root cause of mental malaise or an existential attitude, which I talked about in my last...

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College Juniors Find Internships

In my last post, I talked about the importance of college seniors getting ahead of the curve by starting their job search in the fall rather than the spring. Today I want to address my college juniors. You’re not off the hook! It is equally important that you use the...

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How to Land an Internship During College

Internships are valuable opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of their future field, develop soft skills that employers are looking for, and pad their resume. But competition for internships is often very fierce. Follow these steps to increase your...

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How to Treat College As an Investment

College tuition has been rising faster than inflation for some time, and many graduates find themselves with a heavy debt load without the income to pay it back comfortably. Unfortunately, these students (and their parents) did not evaluate college choices by...

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