About Us Group

What is our value?

What is it about us that makes us uniquely qualified to work with teens and 20-Some­things, as they hit those critical “points of inflection” in their lives?  

Our clients always come to us with a story, but oftentimes it is focused on the past, the responsibilities they feel towards their families, living up to expectations of others, and most importantly, a lack of purpose and a strong sense of their future.  They feel as if they are failing to launch. They all have a powerful need to be happy and self sufficient, to do something with their lives that is meaningful. They want to walk through the world in their own unique way.

We love to listen, tell our own stories with authenticity and a genuine desire to connect with their ideas.  We en­courage them to share their story, their dreams and their qualities, and are committed to stay open and non-judgmental at all times. We excel at generating momentum, in a pro­ductive direction, by providing interesting and practical programs, which align with their learning methods and their personalities. Ultimately it is about developing a trust­ing relationship with each client and maintaining that relationship by showing value and progress towards a specific goal.

Our strength and value comes with our experience. When you hire Jo Leonard & Company, you get professionals who combine their own individual successful careers with the proven processes and curriculum developed by Jo Leonard over the past 15 years.

Our team is complemented by the Jo Leonard & Co. Professional Advisory Network, which has been built over a decade, to provide relevant job shadowing and networking opportunities to our clients.